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Embrace today.

If there was ever a season to embrace rest & stillness, this is certainly it. And while the larger circumstances are heartbreaking and anxiety-provoking, we can choose to reset our compasses and find the good thru all the uncertainty.


We can focus on today; on embracing and making the most of our present, leaning into our relationships and finding joy in the simple things we may have so easily taken for granted when our lives were dictated by busy-ness and activity: the art of cooking a good meal, unrushed; the fresh air and endless sky we can drink in on a lingering walk; the books we’ve meant to read for years now. How often have we wished for simpler, less frenetic days — and though the catalyst for them might be less than ideal, we’d do well to try to find and create the good where we can.


So we reframe our perspectives. We mourn the loss of planning trips and fight through our desires for answers and control over our future, and we focus on today. Because if we don’t do that, we lose out on enjoying what we have right now.


And we let good enough be good enough during this time, taking “should be” or “but I’m not doing enough” out of our current vocabularies. We lean into the best parts of the simpler existence we’ve been handed and we resolve to learn about ourselves through all this, and maybe — just maybe — we will emerge changed for the better in some ways, if we allow ourselves to be. Maybe we reflect on what parts of our “then lives” are worth returning to; maybe some of what we lean into during this time redefines us and teaches us the value of self-care and just being over the flight-and-frenzy of constant doing.


Maybe we learn to be gentler with ourselves; to give ourselves some grace, one glorious day at a time.

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