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Shawna Walz, LMFT

Relationships, Self-Worth,

& Passion Discovery

Counseling & Coaching

Meet Shawna

I’ve always been two things: a people-lover and a dream-chaser. I believe these can easily coexist:  we can nurture our independent selves and chase our passions and goals while simultaneously learning to grow in our relationships.

My Story and Clinical Focus

After years of feeling like I had a calling on my life that was yet undiscovered, I chose to turn my love for people and relationships into the driving force for my life's work, and I threw myself wholeheartedly into my journey to become a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist. Here I found my sweet spot: devoting myself to helping others with their most significant relationships and passions. I began as a psychotherapist at a private practice in New York, cultivating experience with a vast array of diverse clients, and developing my niches. 


I work with a wide variety of clients on their journeys of positivity & health. My primary areas of focus include:


  • Infidelity & affairs

  • Intimacy issues

  • Divorce

  • Relationship rebuilding

  • Communication skills

  • Love languages

  • Pre-marital counseling


  • Self-esteem & self-worth

  • Confidence building

  • Passion & purpose discovery

  • Life transitions

  • Career issues

  • Family & relationship stress

I also work with the following client populations and presenting issues:

  • Addictions

  • Anger management

  • Anxiety

  • Behavioral issues

  • Blended families

  • Career counseling

  • Codependency

  • Child/parent relationships

  • Depression

  • Eating disorders

  • Family dysfunction/conflict

  • Financial stress

  • Grief and Loss

  • LGBT (individuals & couples)

  • Love addiction

  • Mood disorders

  • Parenting

  • Peer relationships

  • Self-harm

  • Sex therapy

  • Sexuality

  • Spirituality and religion

  • Stress

  • Substance Abuse

Make your life your passion project.

We all have passions. How do we turn those into our purpose?


If asked what you are most passionate about, would you know how to answer? Would it roll

right off your tongue, or would you struggle to identify those things that set your soul afire

and represent the very core of who you are?

We each have a poignant, valuable story to tell with our lives. I wholeheartedly believe that we were each individually created to  leave an indelible mark on the world, and that our lives should reflect journeys spent chasing the best versions of ourselves.


As we seek to grow and find balance and fulfillment as individuals, we also do so in the context of relationships. There are two ways in which we exist and grow; in which we learn to define ourselves and relay our stories: individually & relationally. We must tend to both.

My desire is to encourage and challenge you as you further embark on your journey of self,

and also to explore your roles and feelings of value and worth within the dynamics of the relationships that serve to structure your life in significant and meaningful ways.


We all want to be better, to love better, to live more intentionally, to feel fulfilled and joyful.

I found all of these for myself in my journey to becoming a therapist and life coach, and am passionate about helping others uncover their passions and repair their relationships and embrace the journey of becoming the most whole-hearted version of themselves.


“It was my life - like all lives, mysterious

and irrevocable and sacred. So very close,

so very present, so very belonging to me.  

How wild it was, to let it be.” ​



Self-Worth & Confidence Coaching

You have passions. You have goals. You have dreams so uniquely significant to you that your heart beats a little faster when you think about them, and you fervently desire to pursue them at all costs. The pieces are there, and you’re finally ready to start clicking them together and acting on them.

If there’s a gap between where you are right now and where you want to be,

that’s where a life coach can fit.

Life coaching is a synergistic relationship between two people – a coach and a client – that aims to empower the client to tap into his or her full potential. It’s a goal-setting, conversation-driven journey to help unlock the fullness of the skills and talents and resources you already have within you that need a little extra exploration and guidance to come bursting forth and spur you forward.

As your coach, I will work with you to identify the areas in which you’d like to see change and growth and help you put together action plans to move you toward success in these areas. You are the expert in your own life, so the content comes from you; I partner with you to act as a life consultant, an accountability partner, a motivator, an encourager, and an objective sense of structure and support. 


Couple Counseling

The most important decisions we make often revolve around the people with whom we do life. Relationships can be the most rewarding and challenging aspects of our lives. Couple or family therapy can help you navigate the dynamics of your relationships and provide a safe environment for you to interact openly and honestly. 

I work with all couples: married, pre-marital, or dating, at any stage in your relationship.

I work with any arrangements of families, including full family units, parent-child relationships, and sibling relationships.

Individual Counseling

Are you feeling unsettled or disillusioned with where you are in life? Are you dealing with issues of self-worth or unfulfilled dreams? Are you struggling in your relationships, your career, your future goals? Do you just feel stuck, but don't quite know how what to do?


Maybe therapy can provide the next right step toward increased personal growth and developing a plan to put you on the path toward turning things around and regaining a sense of joy and empowerment over your life.

Let's Connect 

Want to talk about how we can work together?

I'd love to hear from you. 

Thanks for reaching out! I'll get back to you soon.

Availability and fees to be discussed when we chat.

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